Skills Developement


What is AAU?
The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a non-profit organization divided up into areas called “associations”. Each association participates regional age-group based tournaments. The National Tournaments includes the winners from the regional association events and run for seven to nine days during June, July, or August. Players must show an official copy of their birth certificate at each association event and pay a membership fee to participate and gain an AAU card. The Association tournaments take place after the high school season ends in March or April. Check our link for our local Pacific Association……

How does my daughter get on a CA Ballaz team?
To get on a Ballaz team your daughter must attend practices as a form of “tryout”.  Please note that the Ballaz AAU Program does not conduct OPEN TRYOUTS.  Invitations to play are on a case by case basis.  Your daughter will gain valuable experience working with current players (through practice) and get to know the coaches and how they handle the players.  This is invaluable because coaches and players all think differently and as your daughter practices with her perspective team she will know instantly if the Ballaz AAU program is for her or not.

How many teams are there?
The Ballaz currently field (9) teams at the following levels:  HS TEAMS (HS-1, HS-2, HS-3), 13U, (2)-12U, (2)-11U and 10U teams.  The Ballaz AAU Program is always looking to expand but at the right time and with the right coaches……………

How is the age group determined?
A player’s age group is determined by their age on the 1st of the year.  Example:  if your daughter is 10 yrs. old on January 1 and she turns 11 on January 10th she can play 10U as her age on the 1st of the year is 10.

What is involved in the commitment to a CA Ballaz team?
It is expected that a player will make all the games and practices. There are always conflicts but absences disrupt the team and are unfair to the teammates and coaches. Communication with the coaches is crucial about these items. There should never be NO CALLS or NO SHOWS. Communication is key.  If there are too many conflicts with a players schedule them you may choose not to play as you will miss a lot and not get the full experience of playing AAU for the Ballaz program.

What about the time involved?
Currently the Ballaz practice (2) days a week and play a min. of (2) tournaments a month.  Tournaments typically consist of (2) games on Saturday and (1) on Sunday.  Consistency is the key and all players must attend.

What's the cost?
Current cost to participate in the Ballaz program is approx. $350 - $600.  It depends on what team you play on and what tournaments that team attends. TRAVEL COST IS NOT INCLUDED IN FEES as parents typically utilize time shares and frequent flyer miles to minimize cost.

Is there fund raising?
Fundraising is the key to the Ballaz program.  We constantly perform fundraisers to reduce fees.  Our motto is FUNDRAISE AND SAVE…………

What are the goals?
Goals of the Ballaz program differ for different age groups.

The 8th grade (13U) and higher levels put a lot of emphasis on execution and performance.  These higher level teams typically possess great skill level and attend some of the most competitive AAU tournaments in the nation.  Scholarship opportunities are a primary focus for the older kids and performance at top AAU tournaments and NCAA Certified events (attended by college coaches) provide a “key” free evaluation period for all players.

The goals on the younger levels (7th grade & below) are to develop basic skills (dribbling, passing and other fundamentals) and to learn all rules and recognize all situations of a typical basketball game.  Knowledge is power and builds to execution at a high level.  But the foundation for “great play” is set at the younger levels.

Why play for the Ballaz vs. others programs?
The Ballaz existed as Bay Area Magic for 6 years.  After fundamental differences in coaching and parent relationships the Ballaz was established in Fall of 2005 and started with 3 teams.  The Ballaz rival ALL OTHER ELITE PROGRAMS in Northern CA yet with a cost of roughly 50% less.  The Ballaz exist for the players and there are no hidden agendas or hidden fees.  We realize that some rival programs charge in excess of $ 1,500 to play this game and our program could never charge fees that high as we cater to players who have great skill yet limited resources.  Our motto is simple:  If a kid wants to play AAU basketball then money should not deter them from participation.